ShowWindow() quits working correctly in WM app...


I am writing a windows mobile program where text is received over a Bluetooth link and displayed for the user. When the program is in the background, the window should be displayed for the user when new text is received. For this, I use "ShowWindow()" and "updateWindow()". The main program is just a loop that establishes a connection with the other device, and then displays incoming messages for the user. When the Bluetooth connection is lost, the next iteration of the loop begins and the application just waits for a new connection.

Well, everything works as it should (messages pop onto the screen for the user, even when the program is in the background) the first time through the loop (on the first BT connection). But if the connection is lost and then later re-established, the call to ShowWindow() will not display the window unless I manually select the application. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




  • This is just a wild stab and I'm not sure I understand your description, but since no one else has offered any help:

    Have you looked at SwitchToThisWindow() to see if it would work better than ShowWindow()?

    [link=]SwitchToThisWindow Function[/link]

    Take Care,
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