Ruby Vs Java

I am really very confused which one would be better programming language. since i am very new bie to the programming world and wanted to know about these programming languages.


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  • What are you planning on doing? Both platforms have advantages. Personally I do a lot of AJAX and web front end stuff which is what Ruby on Rails was built for.

    Java can be quicker than RoR in execution but app design and roll-out tends to be a lot faster with Ruby on Rails. Obviously you need to doa bit of reading on the subject. Id sugegst the rather excellent RoR screencasts as a starting point for RoR.
  • Hey dude. I strongly recommend Ruby for a newbie because it has a smaller learning curve and is easyer to understand.
    Although, java is a much better langauge if you understand it well.
    I think you should start with ruby and learn all the basics then move on to java because it will make it a bit easyer.
    Unless you devote a lot of time to learning java then it will be harder than learning ruby.
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