Simply play audio?

Is there a simple/efficient way to play a frequency at a volume using c++? I need a way to play sound through the speakers so I don't think Beep() will do the job, but I want to have access to the audio in the memory so I don't thing PlaySound() will work either. I do not want to use any libraries either. I just want to play a frequency, I can load the input file myself. Is there some way I can do this by just using the libraries that come standard on windows XP OS?


  • Hi,

    I think this example should help:

    I haven't tested it, but it looks like a frequency generator, using only the WaveOut API.


  • Perhaps, this mod converter mac will help you to listen audios. It convert into various audio formats on mac os x.
  • You may really need a video or audio converter to help you. However there are so many video or audio converters in the related markets, you can firstly download a free version and then see if it is fit for you.

    Good luck, i hope you will solve your problem.
  • There are so many ways that you can simple play audios, one is you should choose video converter, remember you should choose a safe and powerful video converter, most video converter can help you convert audio. The other way you can choose is you can choose a audio converter, there are also audio converters in the related market, you can choose one that is suitable for you, but you should also notice that some of them may not safe.

    Good luck.
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