New user with help needed for Powerpoint OLE

Hi Guys and Gals,

First off a quick intro, I have been developing Delphi applications ever since leaving University in 1989. They are mostly for controlling electronic (LED) signs for our customers. Recently there has been a shift into more involved applications which require more integration with other windows applications such as Excel and Word.

I now have a project to cost which is to be able to show powerpoint presentations in the application' form. I have dropped a TOleContainer onto the form (Delphi 2007) and given it a PPT file to access. It shows the first slide. When I tell it to show it opens a new window (full screen on my second monitor) to display the file in.

So, my question is.. How can I stop it opening this second window and show the presentation in the TOleContainer instead?

Thanks in advance!

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