Memory Leak in ASP: Shared Memory Provider: The handle is invalid.

Hi friends,

I have a website in classic asp, In that website, from administrative area I am generating html pages dynamically for user interface, so my user interface will remain html. Approx 1000 pages I am generating from admin area at a time. Each page have multiple records from more than 3 tables, so for loop is exist for each page. Some times I am getting following error when traffic is on site while i am generating html pages from admin area.

I have already closed all objects in asp files. html pages generates following way. I have html template files, which replace place holder value, then concatenating string for all the records in loop and then using file system object write as html file. So final string is too large.

Microsoft SQL Native Client error '80004005'

Shared Memory Provider: The handle is invalid.

I am using MSSQL 2005, IIS 6 and Classic ASP.

Thanks in advance.
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