dofus : Alchemist, moving onto weaponsmithing

Hey, I am a level 30 alchemist and I am ready to take another profession. I have read around on the wiki and I think I want to be an alchemist, lumberjack, and bow carver. What I am wondering about is how I can use being a mage alchemist to benefit bow carving. I read that I might be able to enchant things like bows to give them extra effects. I want to be a lumberjack obviously because it works well with being a carver, but I do not want to go this route if I can not use being an alchemist to enchant and improve bow crafting later down the line. I could use someone to explain or link me to how enchanting or being a mage alchemist works, because I did not find anything that helpful on the wiki, and also tell me why this set is or is not a good idea, how it can be improved, or etc, because I do not want to waste a ton of time working on improving professions just to find out I can not do what I want once I am a high level in everything. Thanks.

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