display messanger messages in vb textbox

hello all d programmers..!!
i was trying to make a project in which i want
to operate my home appliances through my pc.
i have used serial communication for this.
the devices are turned ON or OFF as per the
commands i write in the vb textbox.
for example if i write"turn on fan"..the fan turns ON.
now i am trying to operate the devices from a remote
i have have been able to control d devices from
my pc successfully but i have no clue how to
do it from a remote pc.
for this i am trying to receive yahoo messanger
messages in a vb textbox.then according to the
message received the devices will be controlled.
can sm1 help me link the messanger with vb textbox
i just need to receive the messages i am not
concerned about replying back.

plz plz if sm1 can provide any kind of help regarding
this i'll be very thankfull.
kindly mail me your replies to my
id- ghaiharpal_01@yahoo.co.in
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