No response about deleted account

Hi - To start: I like to post replies on your forums in the C#, .NET, and Object Orientation forums. If I've used any prohibited language or done anything to warrent an account deletion that I am unaware of it.

My account was Psightoplazm and it has recently vanished from the face of the earth. I can't log into it, and I can't even see it's profile. The password reset feature still seems to think it's there - but after numerous password resets I've been unable to log into it.

I've sent multiple mails to various contact points you have on the site - to include the webmaster and the bug report, but have received no reply. I'm perfectly fine to continue posting like this, but the problem I am having is that my E-Mail is still associated with the old account and since I have to use some bogus e-mail addy for this account. This means I can't watch threads or anything of that nature.

I'm hoping that posting here will either:
a. Reactivate my old account.
b. Disassociate my old account from my e-mail address.


  • So... is webmaster not talking to me?
  • Hi,

    Sorry for the slow response. Things are a bit in transition at the moment with the webmastering role here, and while I'm trying to keep an eye out for posts/requests like this I've been wandering around the mountains for the last week and a half, so not seen this until now. Sorry.

    Your account had somehow become "blocked", which can happen with too many failed logins. I've now set it back to normal, so a forgot password request should now work again. If you have any further problems, just reply to this and I'll dig further.


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  • Hi John - thanks for the reply, and I totaly understand that you must be swamped.
    It seems that your site has some kind of restriction on how many login an ip can do per day or something like that and I think this the ultimate cause of my issue as I often hit this cap from my work ip. I imagine more than one user may be accessing your site a day from my offices. I am right now forced to write this on my iPhone because any log in attempts to any account from work right now will fail. I imagine this adds to bad log in counters a good deal also. On top of this any time I write to a blog I have to switch to firefox because blogging here does not seem to work in ie. This also adds to my daily log in count. I realize this is a security feature - but is there any way to increase this cap dramatically?
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