Trouble getting URL to mask IP address.

I am running Apache 2.0.59 on my mac (10.5.7). I have a domain name ([b][/b]) registered with godaddy that remains on their nameservers and forwards (w/o masking) to my home ip. The connection works and I can view my site so there are no problems with routing, port-listening, or directory hierarchies.

The problem is that once i'm at my site, the address bar of my browser lists my server's ip followed by any additional directories ([b][/b]). I would like for the url to show instead ([b][/b] ).

From what I've read so far I think I need to change something in the httpd.conf file, but I'm not sure what that is. I've tried changing the NameServer directive to "[b]NameServer[/b]" and I've tried using virtualhosts NameServer ... to no avail.

Am I missing something totally obvious? It seems like this should be a lot easier.
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