Wrapping WINAPI in C++ classes

Hi. How can I wrap my API code in a C++ class?



  • It is already done in MFC, and in several other. But lightweight one is RAD C++ GUI Library http://www.radcpp.com.
  • Sorry for taking time to reply. I know about MFC but I don't like it. I meant how to wrap a CPP class in raw API. I would love to understand it from the beginning : That's my point. Thanks for your concern.
  • [color=Blue]Your question is too wide to answer. A simple answer would be just to create class(es) and write WINAPI code in their methods. See: if I answer like that - it is not a good answer. Tell me about the problem you are having? Do you want to create your own MFC-like library?[/color]
  • Hi fellas, Hope new year came with a better code :)
    Well, I wanted to write a very primitive window, just a window but in OOP. Again, I HATE MFC, feels like a sea of snakes :).
    Good luck and thanks
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