Data Module problem

Hi all!
I am using InterBase 6.5.
I`m making an application with Modal Forms and I have to connect to 2 IBDatabase, depending on the choise of the user. I don`t know how to use 2 IBDatabase in 1 apllication- but I tried in that way: I created 2 Data Modules and in 1 on of them I put IBDatabase1 and IBTransaction1 and the other things like IBQuery,IBStoredProc and etc.
and on the second Data Module I put IBDatabase 2 and IBTransaction2 and other things! Problem is when I use first Data Module everything is alright, but when I use the form, associated with the second Data Module- it`gives me an error : Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset! and opens me the form, associated with the first Data Module! I tried to put the two IBDatabases and IBTransacitons in 1 Data Module but it still gives me the same error!
Does it have some hint in using 2 IBDatabases? Can you please tell me where am I wrong?
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