PS2 Programming

Weeel, I want to know about the PS2, but i can't find info anywhere...

I've seen one, and it is awesome, i know a bit about PSX opcodes, but i want to know more about the PS2, it has POTENTIAL!


  • I've heard the code from PS1 can be used further because the Inits are the same! I don't know if it's right, but i hope

  • : Hi
    : Whaddya mean it has POTENTIAL? POTENTIAL? It's the geatest console ever to grace the face of the earth and I've got one!
    : Anyway. The PS2 is great and looks really cool next to the clapped out box with the moveing pictures ( the telly ). I can't say the games line-up is too impressive but with games like SSX, Timesplitters, Dead or Alive 2 and the upcoming MGS2, the future looks very bright indeed (or orange, whichever you prefer).
    : Reply to me at
    : Thanx for your time,
    : TJ.Hal
    : PS: I use yabasic a lot ( the programming kit for PS2), and if you have any info on it, then give me a yell.
    : Cheers

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