Home/End keys. how to?

I'm writing a simple editor using EMU8086. it gets keys as input and shows corresponding letters and numbers on the screen.

how can i distinguish Home and End keys? or how to move the cursor to the begin or end of the line I'm writing after pressing those keys?
thank you.


  • Oh i forgot. what about backspace and arrow keys?
  • What method are you using to get the keystrokes?
  • using 21th interrupt :

    INT 21H

  • As far as I know, you can't get any of the extended keys (Home, End, Arrows, Function Keys, etc.) though DOS (INT 21h). You should use the BIOS keyboard functions (INT 16h) instead. Look at INT 16h functions 0 & 1.
  • aha, thank you. it was helpful.
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