Project Trinity - Game Client - Dll Hoking to a .exe File-DLL Loader-

Thank you for reading our post,
I am working in a project called Project Trinity. We are doing websites , private servers, forums,games... and trying to earn money from them. We have (Yes those arent ogame files they are xnova with many many modifications) and
We currently need C++ programers that can make dll files and if they can also hook it into and exe files and make it load its even better. We will accept you even if you can only do the dll or you can only hook it to the exe. We are also looking for more experience C++ developers or any other language in wich you can make a game client ;) We will talk on MSN/YM for details.
We will pay you once your work is finished and we have our money from our projects.... if you continue to work with us then you will recive payments every month.....
Be mature and know how to work as a team. You must act professional and respect the staff and community.
Must have 16 years or more
Please apply ^^ We need a dev verry fast and a good one...
P.S.: If I have made some spelling mistakes then sry. Please don't spam , don't swear, don't.....
Good luck to you all ! Hope to see you soon on the team list!

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