Link all libraries to single executable file ??

Hi guys, i have a little problem...

When i programming in C++ builder i found that every programs that i made always need some .dll files to load. Without this my programs couldn't run.

The problem is, I want my programs can be ported to another computer without using those library. Is that any way to compile all the components or .dll files to become single executable file that can run independently?

Please, help me


  • I know the cause of the problem (common Builder FAQ), but how to solve it depends a bit on your Builder version.

    In your release build, you must find two things to uncheck: "dynamic RTL" should not be marked. Also, there is an option somewhere called "build with runtime packages" that shouldn't be checked.

    In Builder 2009 these are found below Project -> Options.

    C++ linker -> Dynamic RTL
    Packages -> Build with runtime packages

    The options have similar names in older Builder versions, but are located on other places if I remember correctly.
  • Thanks for the advice,

    I'm using Borland C++ Builder 6.0 , is it same for both Builder 6.0 and 2009 ??

    Well, maybe i should give it a try
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