VB6 Variable updates to current date


I have written a vb6 program that deals with incoming SMS messages and processes the SMS string and stores it in a database.

One part that I take from the string is the date.

I have it connected to a Mysql 5.1 database and it stores the date in a date datatype in the database. Format : YY/MM/DD

I have 2 variables as follows in vb to store the date
Global date_stamp As String

I don't even declare the second variable db_al_date_stamp


my program receives an SMS message say on 30/06/2009 .
This sets db_al_date_stamp as 30/06/2009 . Perfect!
It displays it in my program as 30/06/2009 . Perfect!
It sets date_stamp as 09/06/30 . Should be 30/06/2009

A new day comes and it is now 01/07/2009
program reads date from database 09/06/30 and updates db_al_date_stamp as 01/07/2009 . Do you know why this is?
Im not sure about date _stamp
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