VB.NET and .XML queries

I am shifting into vb.net and use .xml for the database, need to know how reliable .xml database is, is it faster, reliable and better than msaccess table. Can it be protect like msaccess ? what the storage capacity of .xml? can anyone point me the advantages and ease of use. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.




  • As per security concern, XMl is not so much Secured. It is a Plain Text File., But it is faster in access. As per the size concern it is based on the XML file content size. If it is physically stored in ur computer then its depend on it.

    Its very easy to Read & Write.
    There is ono driver used to Read this file.

  • Try this out sttechnet.blogspot.com - I used it to get me started on XML in .Net
  • Well I got a little comfortable using them from your response, thanks a lot to you guys
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