Looking for my Game Development Hero!!

Hi! Is there anyone out there who is playing around with game development that would be interested in helping me to develop a web game that would promote and inspire ecological, environmental and a "going green" consciousness? Something that would draw and magnetize young kids and young adults to a not-for-profit website whose mission is to bring forth environmental sustainability on our planet! A lofty goal indeed, this would be a fun and exciting project that could be very rewarding in a non-tangible way!! (Read this to mean that it is for a great and worthy cause but there would be no monetary gain!) I'm sure that it would be impressive however to have on your list of accomplishments, resume or game development inventions and of course, you would be credited on the web-site for your creation!!

If you or someone you know would have the interest, inclination and commitment to work on this project and see it through to completion, please, please, please get in touch with me as soon as possible! I would be forever grateful!

Thanks so much for your help and suggestions,

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