AR:Autoregressive Estimation Model

Hi Dear
i am new to estimation modeling. i want to start from simple estimation model. i got a real data for time series of 18 values as mentioned below.i want to use Yule-Walker AR Estimator. i can get the [a,e] straight from a = aryule(x,p);[a,e] = aryule(x,p)or [a,e,k] = aryule(x,p), but i dont know how to further develop the programe and estimate next 11 values in time domain. my in put data is as following:

x=[0 0.3286 0.2775 0.1168 -0.0902 -0.2620 -0.3311 -0.2701 -0.1030 0.1049 0.2720 0.3328 0.2634 0.0908 -0.1176 -0.2804 -0.3340 -0.2575];

can i request some one to help/guide me in developing the programme, please.

kind regards


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