App Pool Recycle Status

As per attached is a .vbs file that helps check for the App Pool status as per indicated from Case 1 - 4 or otherwise reflected as unknown. However, after the status is checked, id need help to write the script to run 2 .bat files that i have created that would help trigger a mail (Ex. [COLOR="Blue"]AppPoolSucessmail.bat [/COLOR]& [COLOR="Red"]AppPoolFailure.bat [/COLOR]as per the status of the AppPool. Tentatively a comparison of status has to be done before sending the respective mail.

1) If the App pool status is 'Running'.....then trigger AppPoolSucessmail.bat

2) If the App Pool status is 'Stopped, starting or unknown' then trigger

so that as per the mail sent, if necessary, I can manually trigger the recycle.

Thanks for ur help and advice.

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