How to get Bluetooth Beacon rate using C# program


I am doing a project in which i m using bluetooth dongles to send beacons and PDA acting as client.

i am trying to write program to seek the beacon rate of dongle.

Can anyone please guide me?


  • I've not done anything with bluetooth before, but I believe what you want to search/google for is SDP which stands for Service Discovery Protocol.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    I am also new to this field.
    Actually , I want to inquire bluetooth dongles rather than establising connection with them.
    I think SDP will come into play after I establish connection with bluetooth device where I will need to see what services the other device can offer.

    Basically I am in search of one parameter that I can get by inquiring bluetooth devices (not establishing connection) that will give me some information about distance between the devices. I tried considering RSSI but its values are very unpredictable and difficult to obtain.
    So I am searching for other factor that will give me information about distance. I have found that Response Rate (RR) is also another factor but not sure how to get this info using program.

    It would be really helpful if I could get this information.

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