Problem with Transparency

Hello all,

I'm having a problem, would like to know if someone can help me.
I have a GUI that plot in the same axes plenty of plots. I'm constructing a vector to create a polygon, to use the patch function and show the desired area of the plot this way.

But the problem is, when I use transparency one of the lines that I have plotted simply disappear. When the facealpha is 1 (opaque), I don't have this problem.

Any idea how can I solve it?

Code I'm using:

[color=Grey]patch(X_Vector, Y_Vector, 'r')
h= findobj(gca, 'Type', 'patch');
set(h,'FaceColor', 'r', 'EdgeColor', 'r', 'facealpha', .22); [/color]

thanks in advance!

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