Need someone to help with a couple of small, easy internet projects

Hi all :)

Basically, I have a couple of website projects I'm fiddling around with, one that is pretty much completed and another that is in early stages.

For now I am just looking for a coder who is willing to help me finish off the first website, which just involves polishing a few things off really, in CSS, PHP and Javascript. It shouldn't be too difficult really for anyone with a bit of experience in those languages and should be a very quick job, but coding is not my strong point!

I can't offer any immediate money for this, but who knows the project does seem to show promise and I will be working on promotion for it in the future after this stage of coding is completed (which you would also be welcome to be involved with if you wanted to), and I'll just give it all the chances I can and see where it goes! At the very least it should be benevolent, and good fun! :)

So yeah let me know if you are interested! Here is the first website:

Thanks a lot guys and feel free also to e-mail me or add me to msn/yahoo from this address:

hoppimike AT

Mike, UK :)
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