For the love of God, someone help me

I'm at my wit's end folks. I've posted on experts exchange, microsoft developer center, and others searching for an answer to this -- no one has one. Regardless, I'll give it a try here.

Does anyone know how to send/receive "messages" from one terminal server user to another terminal server user (all users are on the same server, and therefore, the same IP address) using VB.NET? I thought about using UPDClient connections, but you can't have more than one user listening on the same port. Any ideas?

I'm open to other suggestions if you can think of any alternatives. PLEASE HELP ME.


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
  • I'm making two related applications. The first one will only be run by the terminal server administrator, and will send commands or "messages" to a terminal server user (these are simple command line commands). The second application will be run under each terminal server user, and will run silently and listen for messages. Once it receives a message and verifies who its from (not sure how to do that one yet), it will open a command prompt and execute the command.

    It all seems pretty simple except for the messaging part.
  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    I see... Normally in my line of work, I handle these sorts of cases with web requests and web services, but I am betting that you might have your own reasons for wanting this to be straight communication... I have no experience in this field (client server) in regards to .Net, but here is a great article to get you started:

    (5th link on a google search for "VB.Net Client/Server App")
  • This is a bit of a repeat of sean's post but I thought it may be worth mentioning, I used the following tutorial:

    to basically do the same thing as you but on a home network. I've been using internal IPs to send the commands but I suppose in your situation you could make each terminal server user listen on a different port (perhaps have the prog lookup a sql db to see which port it should use) and this would be the easy way of knowing who you are sending commands to. Hope this helps. Dai
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  • Actually, I found another solution. I had thought about assigning everyone their own port to use the client app, and then accessing a database to referece the assigned port, but I REALLY wanted to stay away from a database.

    I've decided to use inter-process communication in the system.runtime.remoting namespace. Both the client app and the server app are going to be running on the same server, so they should be able to communicate with each other without ports, ip addresses, etc. I've got a short little example working, so I think its going to work.

    Thanks for replying, both of you guys. Thats more than I got anywhere else. I appreciate it.
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