ASP.NET Evolution

Sams; Pap/Cdr edition | ISBN: 0672326477 | 384 pages | May 29, 2004 | PDF | 6 Mb

If you've ever been a part of an online community, you are aware of all the great features it offers. Dynamic news, forums, calendars and polls are just a few of the elements that you can benefit from in an online community. Now is your chance to learn how it's done and create your own online community. ASP.NET Evolution will show you how to take what you already know about ASP.NET programming and apply it to building a full-scale web application. With solid example code, you will be guided through the building process, making progressively bigger changes to the code as you move through the chapters. The entire example application is available for download and an online forum dedicated to this book will be available to you to discuss the book with the author and other readers. Develop your ASP.NET knowledge with ASP.NET Evolution.

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