Problem with VB.NET Pages in C# Solution

I have a problem, to add VB.NET pages in C# Project. I am using .NET 2008 version. We migrated this solution from 2003 version. I am facing the following issues on my solution.

1) When I am trying to add new page(VB.NET), It is not showing option to select language. By default is taking C# language and creating aspx,aspx.cs and aspx.designer.cs files.
-- I am doing this, opened new dummy C# solution, I am able to add VB.NET pages, After that I am taking the pages from the solution folder and adding to my solution. -- This way is not correct, Please help me out.
2) When I am trying to Build my application, it is not showing errors of VB.NET at build time, but at runtime I am able to get those errors when I correct those and try again, I am able to get the functionality.
-- But this way is not correct, might be some solution properties I missed.

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