Vertical dotted lines running on screen

hi everyone,

the problem i am facing is screen mulfunction. c o l o r e d vertical dotted lines are running on my compaq laptop screen. it just started a week before with just one line which i ignored. then after 2-3 days one more line appeared. next day one more and now 4 lines are there. someone told that lines will go on increasing. what should i do? please help....


  • [color=Blue]It is not a software problem, but rather a hardware malfunction. You need to fix your laptop (replace monitor) or get another one. Choose the less costly "fix".

    How many years you have been using your laptop?[/color]
  • don't place your monitor near a any metal, it would be affect your display by strong magnetic field. also it cause by the supplied power fluctuated.
  • don't move your monitor while the power supply is on and your monitor is in working mode.
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