Saving/recalling variable help?

I am working on a project. In the generated page HTML of my ASP.NET page, I have text boxes that have onchange events that link to javascript functions that link to Ajax PageMethods which goes to my SQL command texts.

For 3 of the 4 cases, my update process works. The only one that isn't working is my "template name" section. Basically, the template name is automatically generated upon the first creation of a record. The page displays this name in the editable text box. My boss gave me an SQL stored procedure that takes the OLD name and the new name. The new name is no problem.

My question is how do I save/recall the old name? I am fairly new at all this. He explained something about a hidden text field, and I found in the code this:

[code] ret &= "<input type=""hidden"" id=""oldtemplatename"" value=""" & templatename & """/>"[/code]

This is the generated code. What I believe it is doing is saving the templatename (this is the one that will be changed) into this hidden input field with id oldtemplatename. I don't know what to do to get this variable to my other VB function that gets called through the javascript.

Does anyone follow? Please help
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