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I am running a machine in a back room at my work that burns DVDs. I can not stay at that location the entire time (burning machine is slow and the faster machine is in the front of the building - a good walk). I want to make an application but I am unsure on which Windows API/OLE stuff I can use in order for the burn machine to tell me that the burn process is complete -> to the machine in the front.

I was thinking about sockets or connectionless UDP sockets that just delivers % complete to the machine in the front but I'm sure there is a 32bit alert, notification, etc. -> some global alert DB or I/O service manager I can interface with C++ that'll tell me simply that the DVD burner is ajar (Roxio software ejects DVD after burn). I have to burn a lot of DVDs and this backup process is annoying (having to constantly check on it - trying not to waste time). TIA -- Judo


  • [color=Blue]If both machines can 'see' the same network drive, then it is simple to write an application for a burn system which will check if DVD door is ejected (or some other method). Then it writes some file in shared directory. The second application is running on your other system - it periodically checks if the file was written and pops a message if it was. By dismissing a message - the file is deleted and all ready for next burning session.

    However, is it possible to connect remotely to tha burn system and check the status periodically - it is better than walking.[/color]
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