ASP .NET Ukrainian Developer(team from 4 developers available)

We have here four developers who are ready to start working
on a new complex project. Some basic technologies which were used in our last project which lasted more than two years are:
-ASP.NET 2.0;
-MSSQL Server 2005;
-Google Web Toolkit;
-Web services;
-Stored Procedures;
-Entity Framwork;


On your request I can send you code examples(including UML classes diagrams and classes code itself). If you are
interested I can send you also some screenshots of above mentioned project.

[b]One of the most essential advantages[/b] of the developers in our team is a [b]strong mathematical background and experience[/b] in different complex algorithms like Bayesian networks training, schedule tree generation, drawing graphical scenes using mathematical dependencies, calculating different statistics values and information having some initial set of data.

Each of us has over 8+ years experience in Web development; and we are
well versed in the areas of .NET programming, Ajax development and
building Web applications architecture using popular .NET 2.0+
framework from Microsoft.

I have considerable experience in dealing with employers from USA(starting from 2001 with short breaks).
I am available for an interview at a mutually convenient time.

You can contact me via email:
serj.ilchenko( symbol...)gmail( or Skype id : ser--j

Recommendations are available upon request.

Thanks for your consideration.
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