Divine: Unreal Tournament 3 Total Conversion Game Mod

[b]Project name:[/b]

[b]Brief description:[/b]
Divine is an Unreal Tournament 3 Mod based primarily on the gameplay of Dynasty Warriors. We will be completely revamping the Unreal engine to feature a third-person, melee focused combat system. On top of this, we will be adding pre-battle options including troop placement, troop equipment, and tactics, as well as an in-depth character creation and progression system. All this is coupled with a riveting storyline (I think so, at least) that involves a brand new world full of ridiculous possibilities. (Feel free to check out more on the story in the "About" page of our website.)

[b]Target aim:[/b]
Short demo mod showcasing gameplay, features, and a teaser storyline, possibly three levels long or so. Upon completing this, we will be looking to seek licensing, but as that is a ridiculously high goal, we'll likely finish it off if there are no bites.

2 - 89 cent cheesy double beef burritos. In other words, none. (I really will pay for 2 burritos though if you really wanted)

Unreal Tournament 3 Editor

[b]Talent needed:[/b]
Taken directly from website:

1-2 Assistant Creative Designers/Writers. To put it frank, I'm not too big on creative writing and have no artistic imagination. I'm looking for someone who can put a fair amount of work into making our world come alive with believable inhabitants. Examples of jobs may be creating character ideas and relaying these descriptions to concept artists as assignments or creating locations and being able to describe these locations enough to be implemented. I'd also prefer you have some sort of dialog/writing ability, but I won't complain if you excel at character/object descriptions as that is the main task at hand.

3-4 Concept Artists. Most of the time you will be working by assignment, but as of now there is a great deal of creative assets available, so some of the stuff may just be, "Hey you, go draw something cool and we'll find a way to work it in."

3-4 3D Artists/Animators. We have limited concept art at this time, but it would be great to get some of you early so we don't fall behind in our ratio of concept to completed.

2-3 Scripters/Coders. Again, we are using Unreal and thus the code is UnrealScript. (I would hope that if you are interested in the position, you would know that though.)

2 Level Designers/Environment Artists. The battlefields should be fairly wide open and won't be entirely complex workings, so the main goal here is to make them look good and believable. There won't be a large emphasis on player flow and things like there would be on a typical level in Unreal.

1 Webdesigner/Photoshop guru. Let's face it, it is quite obvious that I have no webdesign or photoshop skills. While this isn't an immediate need, if you'd like to help out by designing a new site for us or a new banner (because google images just doesn't make for good banners), I'd love to have some help. I will of course provide the hosting and domain.

An infinite amount of encouragement, ideas, and discussion. I am always open to discussing this project with people, whether you just want to say "Hey, looks cool!" or have a large amount of input and ideas you'd like to see. Even if you have no tangible skills to speak of, I'd still like to hear from you.

As of now, we are not looking for any music, composing, or sound effects, just a little too early to be focusing on things of that nature. Sorry!

[b]Team structure:[/b]
I have no specific talent to speak of, so yes, I'm that stereotypical "idea-leader-guy," but I have general knowledge about everything. I can read code fairly well and understand the level design, but actually doing it, probably not so successful. I'm also not 13 years old and therefore lacking any work ethic, drive, or communication skills (Not all of you). I learn fast, have a decent chunk of spare time, great leadership skills, and am a pretty smooth talker, so hopefully that gets me somewhere.

We currently have one coder/scripter, concept artist, and level designer, so at least I'm not completely flying solo at this point. As I mention on the website, please don't let our lack of progress completely turn you away. A lack of progress essentially mean your own ideas have more say in shaping the project. Everyone starts somewhere. I've done one post before this, but this is the first serious shot at recruitment, I have no doubt in my mind that once we get going, interest will skyrocket. This isn't exactly your run-of-the-mill mod.

http://www.divinemod.com (Don't judge me, I told you I had no actual skills. Webdesign is no exception!)

MSN: Chandler-T@hotmail.com
E-Mail: Chandler-T@hotmail.com

I check either about 1,934 times a day, so whichever is easier for you.

[b]Previous Work by Team:[/b]
I coded Collapse in my CS class at one point. I don't know how far that will ever get me, but I just couldn't bring myself to put none.

[b]Additional Info:[/b]

(Our next concept should be done fairly soon, and we are also preparing a short video showcasing our third-person camera which is almost completed.)

Rather than creating a huge wall of text for the intricacies of the project, I've posted a link above to our "About" page. This has all the planned gameplay features and introduction to the story. Even if you think Dynasty Warriors is a terrible game (Hell, I think it is), I'd like to urge you to check it out anyway, because it really is not all that similar. Yes, there is multiple units on screen, and yes, you played a super-human that slays hundreds of troops, but that is about where the similarities end. The depth and score of this project is 100x what Dynasty Warriors is, so please at least check us out.

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