Web query problem with java


I'm a little bit new to VBA. I've been working on it for only about 2 weeks.
This problem doesn't seem like a VBA problem.But i just think that maybe VBA could solve my problem.

The thing is, I wish to import data from this web -
Your shouldn't be able to read it because it's in Thai.
But here's the deal, if you scroll to the last table of the page,
you should see something like "SET50 Index Call Options". At the
bottom of the table, there are some links which type in Thai ,but
I think you could see as something like this -- "?.?.52","?.?.52"
,"??.?.53" (they're month and year in Thai). Now, this links actually
contain Java script, so if I open one of these links the table contain
data in each month and year appear leaving NOTHING CHANGE WITH THE URL
IN THE ADDRESS BAR. So, I want to get all those data (from every month
and year) but I can't get it done with "Web Query" in "Import external

Do you have any suggestion on that??

Thanks in advance... ^o^


  • Oh! By the way
    I forgot to tell you that I've tried to open each one of them
    then select those data tables using Web Query tool.

    But, It happens to be that only first table (the one which is
    already open) appears in my worksheet and others appear just
    their links.

    Is there anything VBA can do to just help Web Query toll or
    even nothing involving with Web Query tool - ie. just pure VBA.

    Thanks again
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