Point to pixel conversion in Excel VBA

I'm using VBA 6.5 in Excel V11.8307 and am wondering if there are any functions/methods that can be invoked to do a point to pixel conversion (or vice versa) when a point is selected on a series on a sheet chart. I want to be able to draw a horizontal line through the user selected point and then after all desired lines have been added (and perhaps moved and/or deleted), retrieve the x,y coordinates of the points where the horizontal lines intersect the series (data) line, in the data coordinate system. Are these methods/functions available only in newer versions of Excel?

Paul Hudgens


  • Also, as an afterthought, is TWIPSPERINCH a defined variable in older versions of Excel/VBA? If not, can it be calculated on older versions? Is it a constant?

    Paul H.
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