Sandbox Games Programmer Needed

Hi all,

We have gotten to a point now where we could use an extra hand or two on the programming side of things.

We are looking for one or two people that are familiar with object oriented programming, OGRE 3D, and ideally knows C++ to join the team and help spread out the work load.

We are a bunch of modders and roster makers who are attempting to make our own PC baseball game, we are building our own physics engine which is coming along rather well, and we are looking for someone to help transition everything from 2D to 3D.

We are all working on this in our own time and would expect whoever joins to do the same but we do offer some potential upside! If you would like to check out our web page and see what has been shown to the public so far please check us out at And if this is something that you may be interested in helping out with I can give you full information if you PM me at the site Hoop27, or you can usually catch me on AIM (MVPHoop27) and I will get back to you ASAP to let you in on the full details of the plan!

It would help if you are a baseball junkie, but certainly not a requirement, we have a good bunch of guys that love to talk sports and everything else.



  • Just thought I would repost we had found one person but it looks like we could use another hand. I would also like to point out that this is a shared ownership opportunity!
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