web2test - component based functional web testing tool


Today I would like to introduce an interesting web testing tool to you:

web2test - Automated Capture & Replay test tool for functional testing of web based applications and portals. web2test runs under Windows and Linux and supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Seamonkey. Test scripts are browser and platform independent and tolerant to GUI changes. A 100% component based approach allows detailed and complex checks. There is no programming knowledge needed for creation and maintenance of test scripts. Additionally web2test provides a scripting interface in Jython and Groovy. The tool can be integrated with HP TestDirector for Quality Center and supports the testing of AJAX applications and data driven and distributed testing.

There is a free [link=http://en.web2test.de/try-and-buy/download-demo/]web2test demo [/link](limited functionality) and a free [link=https://en.web2test.de/try-and-buy/request-evaluation-license/]web2test evaluation version[/link] (full functionality but you will have to leave your contact details) on the [link=http://en.web2test.de]web2test website[/link].

For additional information regarding web2test and web testing in general see their [link=http://en.web2test.de/web-testing-knowledgebase/]web testing knowledgebase[/link] which is also available in German ([link=http://de.web2test.de/knowledgebase-web-testen/]Knowledgebase web testen[/link]).


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