2 comboboxes values of 2nd depends on 1st ,OPTION values from Database

hi all!
i am new to jsp, i have two comboboxes,in which values of 2nd combo box are linked two first combo box and we get values for both these boxes from database.

itemname:text (no duplicates)[/CODE]

pname:text(no duplicates)

i want to display..


[B]Note: [/B]Both Values of combobox are to be retrieved from database.

when user select itemname corresponding values of pname should be displayed. I went through google and some threads of this forum and found some info but there option values are not retrieved from database(given in code itself), but i'm puzzled from retrieving 1st combo values and select one to retrieve the values of 2nd combo.

Hope i have made my question clear. Thank You all!
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