Job and estimate

I am not much of a programmer (self-taught some Access and have taken a c++ class but have no experience), so I need to get some help rewriting an Access 2003 database I wrote into c++ with a gui. I use the Access 2003 db for my checkbook, and it does some things that I really enjoy, but it doesn't work on Access 2007. Therefore I was thinking of getting it written in c++ since I am slightly familiar with c++ and could do most (hopefully) of my own maintenance and improvements. I'm also assuming (big assumption here) that as a c++ program I could also install it on my mother's computer so she could use her own copy of it.

How much would it cost me for someone to work with me for a little bit to get me started on writing it by pointing me in the right direction and then advise me from time to time when I got hung up? I am somewhat familiar with doing some pseudo-code so I can provide that. The main reason I don't just jump in and take a stab at this myself is that I don't know about c++ interaction with db's or c++ gui.
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