Wanted: programmer for custom screen capture application

I realize that there is a long list of vendors for this kind of project. However, I cannot use those programs, and am writing here to see if a programmer responds.

This program will not be for resale. It will serve a group of users who need a particular screen capture procedure.

The program only has a few requirements, which I will outline here. The program must:

1. be able to executed based on a user-defined hot key combination
2. be able to auto scroll and capture the entire vertical window (normally a browser) that has focus. The scroll should be automatic and the resulting image may be short or tall.
3. be able to save the file to a user-defined location on the local hard drive with a user-defined filename (such as 11.bmp)
4. be able to save the file with user-defined format type (BMP 256, JPEG, TIFF)

For a Mac developer, the requirements are basically the same. PNG images may be more common, however, for the preferred image format.

That is it.

Another topic that I would like to incorporate is the ability to localize the software based on a list of phrases and words. So it could be re-complied and released in a different lanaguage release. I do not expect the programmer to actually be responsible for obtaining the translations, but I would like the code organized so that localization is not too difficult.

I can offer payment for such a project, and would like the programmer to propose a price after considering the requirements.

I live in Dallas, Texas, but am willing to work with someone anywhere.

My skype ID is bernardmaldonado if you care to get in touch that way.

Thank you
Bernard Maldonado


  • I'm the developer behind CyberSun Snap! http://www.cybersunsoftware.com/cybersun-snap.html. That does just about everything you're asking... except scrolling and capturing just that region. Not sure that could be done without being error prone. There may be more than one scrollable region in the active window... like the text box in this web page I'm typing into now. You might consider a solution that acts as a print driver and allows saving the output in a format such as PDF. CutePDF might be an example. Hope this helps.
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