Request: Motivated RPG DB & web automation programmer (not for profit)

I used to manage a text-based RPG site that went defunct about a year ago. I now wish to revitalize the site and radically update it with new options for the players. At the moment I do not possess the full skill set required for this renovation of the site. The original site may be viewed at

The vision I have for this site is relatively simple. The game would remain primarily text-based, but would have certain aspects of game play automated. These automated features (such as skills tests, commerce, and battles between characters) would draw from and also update a database containing all information about each character. I am seeking someone who can either design this new, automated site to my specifications (availability for occasional updates would be appreciated) or someone who is willing to train to accomplish these tasks myself.

The database I mentioned would need to have several levels of access privileges and different information views based on those privileges. Based on the level of permission, players would be able to update their characters
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