Create new LPD3DXMESH add it to template class and then render problem


I have a small problem with render LPD3DXMESH.

When I press a key, then
- I create new LPD3DXMESH with (i.e. with D3DXCreateBox (Some Direct3D shape drawing function) ), with random size,rotation,position
- Then I add it to the custom created template class.
- And then when i render new frame, i cycle trough all meshes in that template class, and render them.

I got stuck when calling "pMesh->DrawSubset( 0 )" (thats in Mesh(source) file at line 29.

Code for Mesh class is at
- (header):
- (source):
Code for main application class is at
- (header):
- (source):

in utility, is just function to find a file, includes contains all include files (stdlib.h, d3dx9.h,...), in framework is base definition of app. base is an interface and worldtransform is for positioning,rotation and sizing of meshes/world/sprites...

hope, someone can tell me what am i doing wrong here :}
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