PHP Programmed Wanted for Profitable JV!

I'm looking for a talented and skilled PHP programmer with time on their hands to do a Joint Venture project with me. There will be no-upfront payment but once scripts are complete you'll be getting a % percentage of the profit made from my company. (No marketing for you!, just programming.) You'll also be handling any updates or new scripting needed to be done throughput the life on the company. This is an opportunity for you to make some steady residual income. Here is a little information on what programming is needed, more information will be provided if you're serious about this JV.

About: you'll be coding an frontend and backend Affiliate ad network. this will display stats, custom affiliate links for users & will be retrieving data from another site constantly.

Serious programmers only!

PM here in the forums & we'll chat more on messenger.

Thank you.
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