Beginner: what lang to use?

Hi Im a total beginner to win programing. Previously I have been using C++ (both on win and linux). But I need to upgrade as the text-only interface is getting frustrating. I'm an engg student and I wont be creating any complicated progs for a while.

So I was wondering which language would be the better choice for me. I tried to find out how to prog win32 in C++ but it got me confused. Then I downloaded MS visual studio pro trial and tried C#. The Visual editor was pretty handy but then its a whole new language for me.

For now I'll give an ex. Attached is a basic calculator I made for a game. After some input, it tell you the defence and offence. I need to make it into a visual calc so that the user dosent have to type so many things. Also I want to add some more features like pasting mission info (basically containing most of the required input).

Any help in this regard and any guides/books for me to refer to would be greatly appreciated :)

ps. I dont have the .cpp file right now as im in the library but i attached a print screen of the prog (Since I cant attach .exe files).
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