Header declaration messes up graphical header slices?

I'm currently having problems with the header image on my site (consisting of several slices from a Photoshop document, converted to .png format on Photoshop CS3 using the integrated Web tool). As much as I would like to make the coding of my site valid I'm afraid I cannot, seeing as the [b]inclusion of a header declaration[/b] alone only seems to mess up my image slices: giant breaks appear in between layers, a problem which I believe may not be solved by means of editing the codes alone seeing as I do not have any "p" tags in it, just simple HTML (table) code, no line breaks either. Header image also looks messed up in IE the way it is right now. Please, help! :O

Below are the codes from the beginning of my html to the header (I decided to include the header as part of my -- header html is in bold below)


Cocktail Riot | Not Just Any Ordinary Jalopy. It's A Luxury Vehicle, We Know You Want To Ride It!



In order for you guys to get a better idea of how my site looks like, please visit me through: http://www.cocktailriot.com

I am a budding graphic design and it is currently my first time to learn how to validate HTML codes (I have validated css btw).

Your help would be very much appreciated.

I have a few other details which I thought I might discuss with you, btw, if you wouldn't mind:
I'd like my html to validate at either HTML 4.01 Transitional or XHTML 1.0. :)


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