Mathematical Error

I am trying to complete a class project in which we have to create a pet store. The problem I'm having is creating a formula which will figure out how take the number of pets (provided) and figure in the number of carriers. Below is a piece of my code. I'm not asking anyone to rewrite it, just tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Dim N As Integer
Dim C As String

N = HamsterQtyTxt.Text
C = 3
Call HamsterCarCount(N, C)
' HamsterCarTxt.Text = U

U = 0

Private Sub HamsterCarCount(ByVal W As Integer, ByVal B As String)

'C is per container value
' W is number of pets

Do Until N <= 0
N = N - B
U = U + 1


DogCarTxt.Text = N

Thanks for any assistance offer.
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