Can't read .bas files, need to modify

I have no experience in basic and just getting started, I have the need to edit a old program for my boss. He gave me all the files that he has. It's a bunch of .bas files and the .exe file of course. How do I look at the source code? I have tried notepad and winpedit but the files seam to have been saved as binary. this is program that does structural calculations and all I need to do is to add some features. I realize I might have to redo the entire thing but in order to do that I need to do some reverse engineering. I can't do anything if I can't even read the files. Any suggestions? I would really appriciate it if someone could help me figure out how to convert these to text.
thanks :)

this is what the .bas file looks like when I open it in Notepad:


  • You should find out what version of Basic was used to edit and compile these files. Once you find this version for download, then the text editor that comes with it should be able to open these binary-mode .bas files. For starters, you could try opening the files with QBasic 4.5:
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