SQL Quries

Consider the following few relations of Academic systems.

1. Semester (SemNo, Sem_Dur, Start_Date, End_Date)
2. Professor (VUPid, P_Name, Age, Deptid, CourseCode)
3. Prof_Exp(VUPid, Experience)

4. Department (Deptid, D_Name, Main_Office, HOD)
5. Project (Pid, Title, Start_Date, Due_Date, Prj_Instructor)
6. CoursePre-Req(CourseCode, Pre-requisite)
7. Course (CourseCode, C_Name, Prg_Code)
8. Student (VUSid, Std_Name, Std_Age, Prg_Code, )
9. Program (Prg_Code, Prg_Name, No_of_Sem)
10. ProgramDur (Prg_Code , Max_Dur)

Write down the QUERIES for the following given situations.

a. Create a new data base. Name it VUDBMS.
b. Create Tables with attributes and name them accordingly.
c. Insert data in related Tables (program, student, professor, degree).
***. Show one command for single entry in each relation.
d. List the names, ages, Department Name of professors, working in a different department.
e. List the professor Names, Total Experience and Group by professor Names.( using aggregate functions)
f. List the program code, program Name, Max. Duration from relations named Program. ( using aggregate functions)
g. List Department Name, Address and HOD Name.
h. List student ID, Student Name, student age where student ages are between 18 and 25 and sort by age field in ascending order.
i. Alter student relation by adding column Address.
j. List project title, start date and project instructor where project due date is greater then today date and sort result by start date field in Ascending order (using aggregate function getdate())

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