call back function

what is a call back function?
if possible an example aswell
thanks in advance
I am in relearning process, sorry if i make a mistake


  • A callback function is a user-defined function that is called by the operative system, not the programmer. These are particulary common in Windows programming, but also in multi-threaded programs.
  • let me see if i understood

    if i have some c++ code and using unix system a call back function would be a system call.

    code is more like pseudo-code
    using namespace std;

    int main{

    system("echo cat");//This would be a call-back function

    return 0;

    I am in relearning process, sorry if i make a mistake
  • No, that example is the programmer calling a function.

    An example of a callback function could be a timer in the OS:

    [code]int main()
    create timer that will become active after 10 seconds

    /* main program */

    void timer_callback_function (void)
    /* this function is called by the OS after 10 seconds,
    the programmer never calls it */

    If you are familiar with hardware-related programming, a callback function works exactly as an interrupt.
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