Inpout32.dll with Digital IO card

I am currently working on a project that consists of a 96 Channel Digital IO card that works exactly like a parallel port, except that it has a base address of 0340H(832 Dec) and it has 16 sets of Data Registers at each increment of the address so the first set of 8 data registers is at 832 Dec, then 9-16 data registers are at 833 Dec. So the cards Address range is 0340H - 034FH.

The card itself only has the base IO address on it, and there is no driver installed or created for this card.

I can access the first set of 8 registers, and everything works fine, but when I increase the address for the second set of registers it does not communicate with the card. I can tell this as the card has a small LED on it that lights to indicate communication with the card.

Has anyone had any experience with this type of problem?

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