Need help building a blogging system


I'm working on my graduation project and i need help in creating a blogging system using PHP (Zend Framework) that should work on my website. any suggestions???

The blogs are available for certain user types. They should be able to create new blog entries, edit and delete old ones and review others' blog entries.


  • How did u go with the project??
  • Thank you for your concern.

    I found a blogging system using the zend framework in a book called "Practical Web 2.0 Applications with PHP". The book is a bit intermediate but the blogging system is pretty good. Since i'm not using smarty in my project, i have to transfer all the templates to be viewable using phtml instead of tpl. That's the problem i'm facing currently since i don't quite understand the code written in the templates.
  • Thank you so much for the post. It's really useful.

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