Need help for creating unique matchups

hello all,

i m developing a league website in which i need to create matchups between the league users.

For example we have 6 users in a league. first i created the the 15 possible (Unique) matchups between these six.

[b]15 Matchups[/b]

Amit Dx --------------- ffa fffa
Amit Dx --------------- Austria Viena
Amit Dx --------------- awe weqwe
Amit Dx --------------- ramesh jain
Amit Dx --------------- bhopal Singh
ffa fffa --------------- Austria Viena
ffa fffa --------------- awe weqwe
ffa fffa --------------- ramesh jain
ffa fffa --------------- bhopal Singh
Austria Viena --------------- awe weqwe
Austria Viena --------------- ramesh jain
Austria Viena --------------- bhopal Singh
awe weqwe --------------- ramesh jain
awe weqwe --------------- bhopal Singh
ramesh jain --------------- bhopal Singh

Now i need logic to get three unique matchups every week for next five weeks.

Please help me....... Thanx in advance

Neha Sharma

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